Shower Steamers

There are many ways to receive the benefits of essential oils.

However, NORA  Shower Steamers are a convenient, sensuous, and enjoyable way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils while in the shower. Whether you need something to help relax, breathe, or wake up, we have a steamer for you!

When activated by water, shower steamers fizzle away and release essential oils and fragrances that indulge your senses and relax the mind.


Aromatherapy shower steamers are helpful for balancing your mind and emotions, relieving stress and nervous tension, and easing symptoms of headache or sinus congestion.


 NORA Pedi-Bombs are the perfect size to carry in your purse anytime you are ready for a Spa Pedicure. NORA Pedi-Bombs are a convenient, pleasurable way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils while getting a pedicure. Simply drop 1 or 2 tablets into your foot spa.